In the not so distant future, mankind has expanded its reach not through great feats of government, but the incessant needs of ever growing corporations. Harnessing the raw power of any great scientific achievement, companies have continued to alienate their customers, competitors, and employees at the benefit of power. With the plethora of resources made available by more efficient space travel and habitation, money no longer fuels the economy. Scratching for any way to stake a bigger claim in the ever expanding colonization of our solar system, they will lie, steal, sabotage, destroy, or even kill for anything new or useful. The power of science has finally trumped all once again in history, making information the newest and most valuable form of currency. Our solar system, is no longer something to be conquered, but harvested in anyway we deem fit.

Our poor blue and green planet has fallen on rough times. Climate changes have drastically affected major land masses, making most of Australia and Africa into deserts. Drastic winter storms bombard coastal cities, and raging torrents have flooded the mainlands in the spring and summer. Larger than life ads clog the streets, and in some cases swarms of living ads haunt occupants of cities not wearing the advertised attire, or using the specified product. Pity those who do not belong to a major company, and must live outside of the companies city limits. Governments do little these days but protect their own buildings from protesters, vandals, or otherwise dangerous situations. They protect their archaic ideas from the anger and hatred of those it failed. Satellites are not only numerous for reasons to protect, survey, and accommodate their clients, but house entire businesses as space stations as well. Constant uprising of the poor and less fortunate are a regular sighting, but easily quelled by the chance of employment, or regular beating.

The moon is a virtual testing ground of abandoned science projects and over budget and obsolete space stations. Domed cities that never sold enough land to run their generators, diabolical dooms day weapons bought and sold until broken, the only usable function it serves current is a junk yard for companies too lazy to have used their materials. Great for the bargain hunter looking for ship parts.

Mars has become the sanctuary of the rich. Families of corporate executives inhabit this terraformed masterpiece.

(Dyson Sphere)

Jupiter’s Moons
Nuclear technology
Genetics and bio-modification

The Lagrangian War